Thursday, October 30, 2008

Have a happy birthday, November boys and girls.

Music: Modeselektor - Happy Birthday (click to download)

My post-surgery treatment beckons in a week's time. In the tradition of cancer patients striving to live it out and not be bed-ridden with distraught all the time, I'd like to raise a toast to all the Scorpios I know and those that I don't know (I really mean this). Have a happy birthday and never forget those who love and cherish you!

This November, my birth month, I am reminded that I don't need a birthday party to remind me how awesome Malaysians really are. I have their backing and dancing shoes so that my days are coloured pink rather than grey.

If you feel like swaying about alone in your living room, Modeselektor should get you in the mood. My fellow Scorpios should really fancy playing this track this whole November. I haven't danced in awhile but it won't stop me from tapping my feet.

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