Friday, April 01, 2005


All about me...the good, the bad, the fugly. Where do I start?

This strictly non-profit making blog is created out of the purpose to memorex my life experiences and to create an outlet whereby my thoughts can be shared and viewed across the web. More often than not, your opinions may differ from mine but don't let that discourage you. I am human after all.

What started out as a means to avoid face to face interaction slowly evolved into a social and information disseminating tool for people who share unique interests in the odd and invigorating.

If you needed simple stats about me and couldn't find the profile button on BLOGGER, its:

: I'm Burmese-Chinese, often speaking volumes about Great Britain.
: Scorpio...and very proud of it.
: Former PFS student (when the institution was still considered 'elite'). 
: I'm a born-again Christian. The Lord is my source of happiness.
: I have a weakness for plush toys and weird collectibles.
: I think I have an expensive hobby (record/CD collecting).
: Known to love repetitive beats.
: Who I think can carry a tune? Laetitia Sadier! 
: Who I think can carry a film role? Scarlett Johansson or Cate Blanchett!

: Loves meals HOT and SPICY!
: A film buff, over the weekends.
: Loves Manchester United and...
: Admires Juventus FC.

All rights pertaining images and content on this blog belong to yours truly.

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