Thursday, September 11, 2008

A. Slight. Detour.

After weeks of frustration waiting for my surgery date, it comes to my knowledge that neither party (my brain and craniofacial surgeon) are willing to take up the risk nor the time to expedite for a good date for my operation.

Well, having said that, I guess it's high-time to look elsewhere for a better pair of hands. I'll be ringing up Penang Adventist Hospital to see if they're kind enough to take up my case.

I seriously don't feel that I hang on much longer with the way things are. Only God is keeping me sane sometimes. The way things are going at the moment, it really does seem that cost-savings are out of the window and it leaves me a daunting task of calculating how to prepare for post-surgery treatments.

A big thank you to medical aid contributors who have visited me in the past few days. What I have witnessed in the past few weeks have been the triumph of the human spirit. God knows the funds will prove quintessential for my private surgery and whatever happens thereafter.

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