Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's back.

They say medical statistics are something you should take with a pinch of salt. It has been reported that less than 18% of post-op patients with chondrosarcomas live beyond 5 years. I suffer from a rare form of chondrosarcoma on the base of the skull. Doing the math; "chondrosarcoma patients' chances of living post-op" AGAINST "rare, inoperable cancer", I feel like I'm in a Tim Burton film. In less than 3 years after my craniotomy, it has resurfaced again in a much more aggressive form.

This time around, I've loss a little of my hearing on the right ear, my peripheral vision has been affected (whenever I look sideways I see double) and clouded vision on my right eye that is likened to having cataract, although my doctor reiterated that it isn't the case. The clouded vision I am experiencing is the result of the tumour pressing against my optic nerves. And oh yes, my eyes are bulging out a little too. All this actually doesn't surprise me because I knew at some point of time I'd definitely have to revisit this problem. What I naturally didn't want is for health problems to occur when I've just started to pick up the pieces from my last battle with it.

My next brain scan will be on Wednesday. To what extent the cancer cell has damaged will be posted thereafter.

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