Saturday, July 21, 2007

Petey, don't leave!

Music: New Order - Vicious Streak (click to download)

Whenever I am asked who was my preference for best bassist in the late 80s, I am split between 'cigarette-smoking' Adam Clayton of U2 and 'band-gangster' Peter Hook of Joy Division/New Order. As it was the '80s, you couldn't really tell if Peter was the backup, as most bassists tend to be, or the lead; the show man. He is often caught on camera with his sleeves rolled up and pacing around the mainstage (imagine Edge doing that all the time and Bono just singing with the mic). An indication that he wants to be known as the working class guitarist?

I was born in the new wave era so Peter Hook held a fond place in my heart. At a very early age, through the likes of songs like 'Blue Monday', 'Bizzard Love Triangle' and the quintessenial Joy Division track 'She's Lost Control', Peter Hook amazed me with his coolness and panache onstage; much alike Adam Clayton which I suspect secretly watches Peter Hook's live performances every now and then.

I was left in tatters today after reading news that Peter has imminently left the band and suggested that New Order has been disbanded. It hurts whenever you find out a brilliant musician decides to call it quits for such a genre-challenging band such as New Order. It is not a matter of quitting while you're on top because New Order is vibrant enough to defy classification and develop new sounds whenever they have new album projects. I can only pray that Bernard Sumner manages to reconcile withstanding matters with Peter Hook because I seriously doubt anyone can fill in his shoes.

In appreciation of Peter Hook, I've uploaded a clip from New Order's show in Finsbury Park on the 9th of June, 2002. Try and guess what this one's called...


On a side note, renowned photographer/music video director, Anton Corbijn soothed the wounds with his supposedly excellent depiction of Joy Division's lead singer, the late Ian Curtis with the film 'Control' which should be out later this year.

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