Friday, July 20, 2007

Sam Phillips, revisited.

Hey, remember that German assassin chick in Die Hard III? That foxy, cold lady with bad helicopter piloting skills. Yeah, turns out Sam Phillips sings very well though.

I just realised that I missed out on her active career in music. I have fallen head over heels for Sam's very husky voice and nostalgic '60s Beatles-esque songwriting. Starting her career (under her real name Leslie Ann Phillips), she has, in a short span of four years released over four LPs (Beyond Saturday Night, Dancing with Danger, Black and White in a Grey World, The Turning) and a 'best of' album (Recollection). After changing her stage name to Sam Phillips and with the help of talented husband, T-Bone Burnett (yeah think Counting Crows, people!) has spawned over seven albums! In addition to that, she actively participates in collaborating with various musicians and film directors ranging from Bruce Cockburn, The Wallflowers, Bernardo Bertolucci and Wim Wenders! Talk about heavyweight...

Her alliance with Nonesuch Records has so far generated only 1 album, 'a boot and a shoe' but as a Grammy-nominated songwriter-musician, we should come to expect more releases in the near future from Sam. Unfortunately, one may be disappointed to find out that her last outing is now 3 years old and she hardly whispers of a new album on her website. While we wait, sample some very sweet tracks on her official site.

Blending folk and sensuality in her music, she makes me wonder what it would be like dating a female musician.

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