Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pivotal moments.

Music: Various Artists (for BBC Children in Need) - Perfect Day '97 (click to download)

Decisions. Decisions. Consequences.

Sometimes in life you make choices even when you know it isn't what your heart wants. You make sacrifices in hopes that you've made the correct decision there and then. I've got this strong hunch that things are going to turn around for the better now, even though hunches are rarely correct. This week will be important for various reasons. I've been disciplined in my daily prayers and I hope God will help me seek some answers for what the future holds after making one of those bold, drastic decisions in regards to my livelihood.

For the readers out there who've taken a bold decision in their lives and praying each day, that is the right thing to do. Let me get Lou Reed and Co. to soothe the savage beast in you.

Don't worry...this one's posted on another server. My sincere apologies for the unavailability of several tracks on the blog.

Transformers tonight at 9:30pm!

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