Monday, June 25, 2007

This. Year's. Worst. Album. Cover. Ever?

Music: Interpol - Rest My Chemistry (click to download)

*NOTE: This entry bears no representation of the musical quality the band Interpol possess. Album artwork aside, Interpol definitely notches up a spot to claim best indie-rock album of the fortnight with their new album, 'Our Love To Admire'.

I cannot understand why would a major label indie band create controversy by depicting waxed African wildlife in their predatory positions. I mean you are targeting this album to teenagers and college kids aren't you?

Look! It's the new Scorpions album cover! How lame!

I don't know. They really should have stuck with the concept art featured a few weeks ago on their website. Interpol's album cover of 'Our Love To Admire' is just tasteless to me. If anyone of you wants to argue about this on the grounds of carnivorous sexual instincts (Look Ma! Them hands!), you can go fly a kite because I've personally never seen a lion and a lioness huddle over a stag before...not this way...suggestions of bi-sexuality...and I have been known to watch a lot of Discovery Channel stuff in my spare time.

And what's with the band's name and album title on the upper-left corner. Isn't that text-placement format patented by Travis? Hmm...

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