Friday, June 29, 2007

Cult mammoth!: 'Transformers'.

Music: Smashing Pumpkins - Doomsday Clock / Goo Goo Dolls - Before It's Too Late (click to download; Goo Goo Dolls track was uploaded for those who already have advanced copies of the Pumpkins' 'Zeitgeist'.)

I will present a short entry on the 'Transformers' movie I had the opportunity to watch last night with my mates. There will be no spoilers as I believe everyone should pay their pennies worth to see what the fuss is all about. But DO NOT get me started on Megan Fox!

'Transformers' was literally more than meets the eye. Hands down, it has artistically taken the whole CGI-generated graphics up to another level. The complexity of the designs left me astounded as you will see bits and pieces of every metal part of the robots designed and elaborated in detail. In several moving battle scenes, you may need to concentrate in order for you to know who's in the duel.

The film had a notably engaging cast with Shia Le Beouf, Anthony Anderson, Rachael Taylor (due to appear in the US remake of 'Shutter') and John Turturro executing their sometimes comedic lines perfectly. Let us not forget to mention dear ol' Bumblebee, who, without its own voice barring till the end of the movie, had to use old film dialogues, radio monologues and retro music (from James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Hall & Oates and The Cars) to communicate with the Earthlings. No, I still WON'T comment on Megan Fox. The tone used in several dialogues in the film were reminiscent of the olden cartoon days when robots and their human counterparts weren't as serious as one would perceive they'd be in the 21st century.

It is hard not to be critical of Michael Bay's work in 'Transformers' although he has left many fans utterly amazed by the way he, with the help of Industrial Light & Magic, has constructed such a wonderful film and gone beyond the ordinary by literally micro-managing the robots featured in the film. I believe the time isn't right for a prequel, as suggested in the 'Transformers' paperback book for the film. Plenty of polishing to be done with the CGI-work but it should be gratefully acknowledged that 'Transformers' will remain one of the greatest forms of cartoon/cult comic film adaptations to date. 'Transformers' wasn't necessarily loyal (I thought all the robots wanted were 'energon cubes'?) but one would conceive that change was for the better.

As the film premieres worldwide, we have already been aroused from talks for TWO sequels with appearances from Soundwave and Unicron. Hey, where are the Dinobots and Constructicons?!

There isn't a reason in the world for you to avoid this film. It irresistibly will devour the world cinema market without a hesitation with its strong pace and surrealism of finally being able to see our childhood heroes come to life. I'd watch it a dozen times if the tickets weren't so costly.

And just why won't I comment on Megan Fox?! Because in the movie, she is HOTNESS personified! Let's not overhype a budding actress so that she'll take on diversified roles in the future!

Ok, rest of the world, transform and roll out!

PS: Mr. Peter Cullen, thank you for coming back!

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