Monday, February 26, 2007

A brand new day beckons.

I've just returned from KL watching Muse in concert. Nothing much to blow horns about except for a few incidents that have been far from amusing. I call it a learning lesson on how important it is to be extra careful when traveling in the city. The Muse concert, however, was enjoyable...based on what I have heard so far from a close friend of mine, Zack, after comparing both sets of performances. He actually went to an earlier gig in Singapore and from his morose description of things in Singapore, it was mundane and at best, forgettable. The KL concert in Stadium Negara had more substance to it and was ten times better with the hyperactive crowd.

Tomorrow morning, I will be moving away to a new workplace, a brand new job that entails me to have excellent presentation skills, decisive analytic skills and calmness in the act of negotiation. Yes, it's a sales and marketing job - a task that I see as the major breadwinner in my family for many years to come. I will see through this with the grace of God and I will prove to myself that I can exceed my own expectations when it comes to running a large-scale business in the industry that I am in.

Am I nervous? Not really considering the fact that I've been there and done that.
Are my palms sweaty? You bet they are.

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