Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The 'Untitled' post.

This is it. It's that time to take the biggest gamble of my life. David, I'll fight this as promised!

The excruciating pain that I've experienced in the past month has been diagnosed as a little brain tumor consisting of a membrane piece sticking on/against my skull right behind my right eye. I'm not sure if this is common but what's important now is that I remove this particular problem from my head via craniotomy surgery. Whether or not the surgery is a success or otherwise, I'll soon find out within the next few days.

Just wanted to leave a note saying that I've always been grateful for what God's given me...I truly surrender everything to Him and that I'm happy to have been in this life, serving Him and glorifying His name whenever possible. In Him, I know that whatever plans He's got out for me, I'm truly spiritually free. Thank you my Lord, my Heavenly Father.

I thank the one true person I love, Michelle. I thank chance for setting us up. I thank you for being a wonderful girlfriend to me all this while. I hope that you will always remember the first time we met, the great times that we've had together from the first date to our last. I can never get enough of you, ever. Thank you Momo!

Mum & Dad. I know that I've always been a handful to take care of ever since I was little. I know that I've disappointed the both of you in so many ways and yet your patience with me has never wavered throughout my growing years. I just want to say that I love you more than you think I just pains me at times to comprehend certain things going in the family. Tell Kabian to stay off the negative influences and make sure he doesn't follow the route I've been through...I think that's the best advice a possibly dying son could ever give.

To my brother Kabian, you're the best friend I never thought I had. Keep your chin up and always reach for the stars in everything that you do in life, ya hear? two are simply the most romantic and obsessed couples I've ever met! It was an extreme pleasure to have met you take care of Gavin, he's such a brilliant, strong lad and a joy to share smiles and tears with. He's been through a lot in life and I've never once seen his faith in the Lord our God waver. I love you Gavin...thanks for dropping by to see me last weekend, bro.

I thank all my friends irregardless of how rarely we meet these days - Lye Eng, Brian Ong, Lean Nee, Kim Khoon, Jeslyn, Belle Tan, Joan D. Chung, Melodie Ang, Leng Chong, Karen Kee, Boon Hock, Thean Soon (thanks for hookin' up my desktop again mate), Leorna & Fiona Tan, William Seow, Lil' Tim, Sammie Chew, Jaime Lee who's residing in Australia, Swee Jin, Angela Tan, Herlina Chow, Nor Azan, Dhian, Pam Ooi, Valerie Phenk, Valen Tan, Letticia Kee, Ivan Gooi, Kriss Wong, See Siang, Thuan Un, Aw Yeong, Desmond, Alex Yeoh, Chong Pin, Wilson Soon, Alan Low, Beng Shang, Lee Ai Ling, Choon Ping, Patrick Yeoh, Pauline Yeap, Sook Yee, Ida, John Lee, Alise Chitra, Daw Seong, Daniel Khoo, Eileen Tan, Bee Ean, Jimmy Tan, Celine Poh, Jacob Dass, Jacinta Wong, Seok Hoon, Zeen, Cheryl Goh, Gemma Grant, Tony Holland, Ash Govender, Christa Grau, Andreas Perrson, Timmy and Michael Leng...and all the other names a frail mind cannot think of right now. Thanks for bringing such joy to my life and I hope that I have directly or indirectly done the same for you too!

Fellow blog enthusiasts and friends, you've enriched my life in ways you never thought was possible. Ain 'Eternally, Rock-steady!' (your Melbourne trip report was splendid) and Margaret Ho...your daily ramblings and insights played an important role in how I see the world through your eyes. Thank you!

I'd like to thank the people from work...
- The wonderful working family of EGL PEN...I am truly in awe of your kindness and concern towards me during my darkest hour.
- Exel/DHL Air Ops and Logistics Hub. I can never thank you enough for the support rendered throughout this journey of mine. Miss Kut...thanks for visiting me this afternoon.
- Jamal, Shamsul, Yusoff, Terence, Munawar, Ooi, Bruce, Wan Farizah, Andrew Danker, Nancy, Hazmi, Azrin (KL), Zarina (KL), Azlan (KL), Sar (KL), Nora (KL) and the whole crew of MASKargo Penang/KL. You capacity management guys rawk!
- Zack, Seen Mun, Alan, Adnan of Korean Air Cargo.
- Francis, Nizam, Rufiandy, Roslan, Tristen, Heng, May Lin of Cathay Pacific. Zam/May Lin thanks for your visitation this afternoon.
- Yvonne and Shawn of Asiana Airlines.
- Pauline, Benson and Mr. Quah of China Airlines.
- Iris, Vincent and Michael of Lufthansa Cargo.
- Lilee of Expeditors. Lilee, thanks for calling me this afternoon.
- Sheryl, Ann, Jane and Kathy of OPAS Penang.
- Mark Md. Mustaffa, Tonnie, Shankar and Christine of Singapore Airlines Cargo.
- Mr. Robert Eu, Nicholas, Jasmine and Siew Fong of EVA Air Cargo.
- Mr. Kamaruddin, Tammy and Karen of Thai Cargo.
- Din, Agam, Raja and Amran of KLM-Air France.
...I thank you all for making life a lot easier during my working days!

I head over to Island Hospital tomorrow morning. God bless all of you!

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