Saturday, May 06, 2006

Pop matters.

Music: Asobi Seksu - Thursday (click to download)

I promise I won't say much till Sunday night. But here are some rather interesting linkages to share.

- Scottish exponents of guitar feedback and noise, Mogwai, is scheduled to perform at the Esplanade Theatre, Singapore the 1st of August 2006. Tickets, priced at SGD $78 and $98 will be on sale via SISTIC starting from the 6th of June. Check back on their calendar for more details.

- Jewel cleans up her embarrassing '0304' sell-out act by releasing a proper pop/folk album, 'Goodbye Alice In Wonderland' on the 2nd of May.

Go visit the official label site for the videos. (opens in a new window)

- Lambchop prepares to do some 'damage' this August 2006. (opens in a new window)

- Of all the boring Coldplay videos I've seen, 'The Hardest Part''s video is certainly rates as one of the funnier ones to date. Availability thanks to the uploader in unti from YouTube.

- 'Janji Joni' was considered one of the more brilliant releases from Indonesia in 2005. Azan blogged that he's found the soundtrack in Kuala Lumpur but I then realised that the soundtrack didn't have this one pop-powered track from Rebecca - Satu Waktu. Edited that particular portion from the film to share with my fellow readers.

UPDATE: Looking for this track on mp3? Click here! (thanks Mr. Anwar!)

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