Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Nurse's phone call.

Music: The New Pornographers - 10/04/2006: Live In Paradise, Boston, MA

Received a telephone call from my surgeon's nurse today.

Nurse: Hello...this is Dr. Yoong's nurse. I'm here to inform you that the blood test results have been received. Seems that you have a slight liver problem. Found irregularities in the enzymes. Nothing to worry about - I'm sure it's because of the high dosage of steroid intake. Dr. Yoong still suggests that you head over to the hospital on Thursday morning for an additional test; chest x-ray scan and an ECG scan, just to be safe.

Me: Well I have been eating a lot of late, that's probably one of the reasons why there's an abnormality with my liver.

Nurse: That's what the doctor presumed. Don't worry about it. You only need to attend to the additional tests to ensure that we've got everything covered before the surgery.

Me: Oh, right. Sure thing. Oh I just need to add one more info. I'm still smoking cigarettes...anxiety's getting the better of me.

Nurse: Oh! You've better cut down...stop smoking cigarettes...they'll close your blood vessels and the operation may not run smoothly because of that.

Me: Uhm...ok I'll try...to...cut down. I'll see you this Thursday, ok? Morning at eight, right?

Nurse: Yes, yes...eight it is then. Be sure to bring your MRI scans along with you. There will be an additional cost for the new tests on Thursday. Are you sure you're covered for that?

Me: Covered or otherwise...I still need to get it done, to be on the safe side, right?

Nurse: Yeah that's true. Don't worry too much for now. See you this Thursday morning.

Me: Thank you. Bye...

Nurse: Bye.


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