Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm coping, I think.

My eyesight is definitely not improving. I suspect that it's because of the medications that I've been taking. Not really planning anything for today but it seems to be a good evening for a haircut. Perhaps Michelle will take me to the barber's after work. She likes it when I'm dandy clean. So do I. I probably can never explain my intentions back in the 90s with my killer 'do'...whatever it was. I've actually gotten up quite late today; about 12:00 noon. I didn't really feel like walking around the apartment, head was heavy as a sack of potatoes.

Some Australian friend of my Dad's called me up yesterday and reminded me to stay off anything 'starchy'. She's a nutritionist so I suppose I've to adhere to that piece of advice.

And finally, Michelle's mum called me up today. Now, that was quite nice. I thought she'd wanted to keep my condition a secret till D-Day.

Ok, my eyes are starting to twitch again. Headaches will probably show up again in 4-5 hours which means I think I'd better hit the shower first.

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Just shaved...almost a Mark Schultz-ian.

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