Thursday, April 06, 2006

Even the rain isn't as depressing.

Looks like it's going to rain across the island tonight. The air's been pretty stuffy for the past 6 hours that it's hard to deny a massive rainpour later on. I took up the courage to drive outside for a little with the aid of my younger brother sitting beside me watching the incoming cars on the main road. I'm almost certain that by the time I get this tumor removed, I should refrain from driving for at least 3 months judging from what my vision pathway is like right now pre-op.

We pulled over and had some drinks over at the corner nasi kandar stall (I ordered nothing but 'air bandung'). Just had a little chat with him about what he's gotta do in case something bad results from my stay at the hospital tomorrow. I gave him mere brotherly advice of how he's gotta mature a little faster than his peers because of the situation at hand.

Being an ill person contained up at home can surely make your mind wander too far. Reading newsfeeds via Google doesn't help much either. It all makes kinda mathematical sense when they say that the "end times are near". Even at my physically and psychologically weak state, I'm bombarded with news of deaths, plagues, diseases, cancer, war crimes and what not. It's not a wonder why people encourage you to move about while recovering from some injury or surgery. I think it's rather depressing that people stay at home all the time glancing around the corners. I think I've also developed a knack for being forgetful now and maybe a slight preference for non-crowded places, unlike before.

Seriously, I can't wait till the rain starts to pour tonight. In fact, I think I hear them now! Finally, something worth smiling to.

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