Thursday, March 30, 2006

Penang's own doll guy.

Today is the day I feel sunshine against my face. Well, I did not have an access to the car this morning so I had to ride my motorcycle out to the nearest newsstand to grab a copy of The Star. I don't read the newspaper that much these days but thanks to a 2-page story published on The Star's 'Metro' section, it was well worth the trip.

I have known my ex-colleague and friend, Ding Daw Seong since my first professional stint as a white-collar worker in a private college here in Penang. I was pleasantly surprised that he gets himself in the spotlight today in The Star's 'Metro' section as Penang's own doll enthusiast.

This is obviously not much of a hoo-hah for me because I've always expected Ding to have his media spotlight sooner or later. I used to admire the stuff that he gets from Ebay and asking him on the amount of money he's actually spent fostering his unique little hobby which has since surmounted to over 600 dolls!

Never stop your collection, Ding. It's gonna be worth something profound one day!

For international visitors to my blog, you may check if their e-paper section is running this article. Alternatively, you can click here or here to download a 3MB .pdf file which I've made from the scans I've made.

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