Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sunday scribbles.

Music: Essential Underground, Vol. 9, Stockholm / Fabric 22 (mixed by Adam Beyer)

Listening to these two seriously 'ill' mix CDs can drive you nuts! It's no secret that Adam Beyer is a dance music producer with a reputation well above the likes of Timo Maas, Darren Emerson and I dare say Carl Cox! All these DJs often flirt with the genre of techno but no one has come close to perfection as Beyer's done.

You may want to sample Adam Beyer - Snuff & Noise. Click here to download. (thanks sgx)

- Here's a rehash of some fine records coming soon to your friendly neighbourhood indie music store.

The Strokes - as-yet-untitled-album / as confirmed by Pitchforkmedia (this time with possible single title)
Takk - Sigur Ros / as confirmed by allmusicguide
Siberia - Echo & The Bunnymen / as confirmed by their official site

- Death Cab For Cutie is hosting the video for 'Soul Meets Body' on their official page. Shame it's .swf based.

- Everyone's betting for Franz Ferdinand to flop for their follow-up album, right?

But you still might want to catch the video for 'Do You Want To', don't you?

- Look. It's not like I care for pop music or anything but what the fuck's happened to Hilary Duff?!

Lookin' good there, Miss Duff.

Aight. You are now officially now seriously not-so-healthy!

Here's a H U G E fuck you to Joel Madden for not taking care of your lady!

- Post-modern rock takes up a great facelift with Ohio-based band Aloha's offering in 'Here Comes Everyone'. Visit their official site for audio samples or here for band history.

JT doing a CM?

Furniture a-la FEDEX!

- Katrina, the hurricane. And while you're at it, click here to download the controversial live East Coast telecast featuring Kanye West during 'A Concert for Hurricane Relief' on NBC. (thanks to Stereogum and Keithz of the University of Alberta, Canada)

- The news on Ryan Adams just never ends!

The Modern Age has got the scoop on 'Jacksonville City Nights'. The second Adams album in a year will be released on the 27th of September according to the record label Lost Highway.

"The album will feature a free DVD with purchase, containing a short film called "September" created by rock photographer and filmmaker Danny Clinch. The 20 minute film shows Ryan Adams & The Cardinals during the writing and recording of Jacksonville City Nights and also boasts two audio bonus tracks." (as quoted in The Modern Age)

- After 20 or so years of staying under the radar doing film production work, Jonathan Ke Quan is still around!

What's even more surprising is a supposed 'Goonies 2' project being in the works.

The cast from the cult-fave 'Goonies', all grown up.

No!!!! They're going to kill the first with a part two! I remember the original Spielberg-produced one with Sean Astin and Josh Brolin as child actors. One shouldn't tamper with The Goonies as the film stands well by itself. If you're interested rekindling some of your lost childhood memories of this film, go visit the page.

- Death by kimono. Click here to browse through Arakino Buyoshi's photography (NSFW).

- When was the last time Tyra Banks looked hot? As far as I can recall, everything went downhill after Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue 1997. That's a shame :( I've always regarded her (and Naomi Campbell) as one of the more 'accessible' black models...unlike Dji Dieng!

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