Monday, August 29, 2005

About them Canadian pornographers.

I know that you have to always take Pitchforkmedia's reviews with a pinch of salt.

The new 'New Pornographers'' album is an exception though. I believe this is their best work yet. It does take awhile, as most grower albums go. Neko Case's main vocal performances in 'Twin Cinema''s two songs: 'The Bones Of An Idol' and 'These Are The Fables' are simply well done. I've always loved Neko's voice so my judgement's quite biased, but you wouldn't mind that would you?

A.C. Newman and the new kids of indie-pop.

Download these two songs and let it grow on you. Gotta love the acapella part in 'The Bones Of An Idol'.

Is it just me or does 'The Bones Of An Idol' sound like a Queens of the Stone Age song a-la pop?

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