Friday, May 27, 2005

Music in the form of a relationship.

Margie from Margie's Hideout gave out a rather original list on what she's been headfeeding of late. Creative copyrights and adlibs aside, here's my rendition of her little 'list' with relevant and in-the-scene artists only:

Always there:
Aimee Mann. Consistently brilliant all these years.

New best friends:
Bloc Party, The Arcade Fire and Stephen Malkmus. Pure 100% fun!

Going steady:
U2. No joke.

Badly want to sleep with:
Carl Cox, Felix Da Housecat, Mizz Kittin, The Chemical Brothers, Jacques Lu Cont/Thin White Duke...ooohh yeah!!

One night stand:
The Killers, The Bravery and My Chemical was a 'phase', I swear!

Old flames:
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Deftones, Radiohead, Interpol, R.E.M.

Gorillaz and Ryan Adams.

Shameful little past:
Stone Temple Pilots. I still like them though.

Hoping to hear from:
Coldplay. They're EVERYWHERE these days!

Drifting apart:
The White Stripes, Wilco, Bjork; pre-'Medulla' post-'Vespertine'. What a load of crap of late from these peeps!

It's over:
Radiohead. Yep, we're through. I occasionally hear from them once in awhile just to say 'Hi'. You know how it is with ex-flames.

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