Friday, May 27, 2005


Crapping out whatever's interesting to me on the www.

- Said The Gramophone has posted a pretty good demo .mp3 of 'Power Out'. Click here for more details. It doesn't really have a vicious bassline like it's ended up on 'Funeral' though.

If you're looking for more goodies from the band, fansite Us Kids Know seems to have more or less what you need albeit sporadically.

- Now I know that the new Daft Punk sounds really 'obscure to the point of being unlikable' but you can still view their IPOD advert song on Quicktime by visiting the-raft. The video features an evil-looking 'Terminator' doll with robotic parts hanging loose out of its sockets and it comes with braces too! Kinda ZOO TV influenced as well. Typical French artsy-housey video, nothing new really. No matter how catchy this song feels, just don't start liking it now. It really isn't worth your hard-earned dollars. By the way, Apple's new ad campaign just plains sucks now as the same theme's being used time and time again. What is this...advert branding?

- This would be my friend Brian's favourite. I swear he'd jump with glee with this discovery.

- Billy Corgan will be out with a brand new album soon. Preview the new video which is officially listed in Yahoo!'s Launch now. (registration to Yahoo! services required)

- Unofficial or not, view Bjork fans may want to view the latest video from the Icelandic crooner for 'Where Is The Line' here. It is not linked from Bjork's official site...none of the 'Medulla' videos are, but it does seem authentic. Video is accredited to Gabriela who has worked with Bjork on Vespertine.

Nothing concrete to post tonight as I've been rather worn out by work for the past few days. There's a chance I might be changing jobs again. I swear, I change jobs like how I change my underwear and many may attest to the fact that I'm a pretty hygienic guy for a lefty. If you're into really hot-looking lefties (with a beautiful mind to boot), you should really take a look at Ain's online journal which I read on a daily basis. Spanking good stuff!

"Schwwwing! Oh Ain you DO that Tia Carrere pose, gurl!" - image copyright @

Her wedding anniversary's just around the corner so visit her blog and give her a holla!

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