Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Best period to quit smoking.

Excuse me while I look at my surgery's other silver lining as a factor which makes quitting cigarettes altogether much easier.

My recently married cousin brother, Gavin and I had a little chat a few hours ago about how easy it is for someone to quit cigarettes altogether ala cold turkey after a major surgery like mine. I think the logic behind it was because I lost about 9 pints of blood which is approximately 5 litres in the metric system. Based on this trivia site, adults have an average of 9-12 pints per body. So could it be possible that when I lost all that blood during surgery, I also flushed 'nicotine-dependency' out from my bloodstream as well?

Certainly not the best method to quit by a mile but at least I'm off the only vice I've been struggling to quit for many years. Kinda gives you another reason to smile about.

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