Monday, September 29, 2008

Post surgery: Updates.

I have so much so share with you after a whole week here! Drafts are being developed in my head - don't worry there's tons of information to dwell upon as a surgery survivor. Everything went relatively smooth. No post-surgery trauma. I'm strong as a bull and I cannot wait to set my sights on being back in Penang again.

I just wanted to remind all my former colleagues/schoolmates who have showered me with their love and visits that those little moments really means A LOT to me. The idea of reuniting old ties is always a welcome order when you're down and out. I am blessed to have very funny and loving Christian and non-Christian friends around me. God it makes me wish I could relive 1992-1996 all over again!

I only have one eye to use now but that doesn't cripple my excitement about life. God has given me a second chance (come to think of it; make this the third) so I am joyous about it! I'm extra thrilled because of the support and love I have around me *points the finger at you*. You blog readers/supporters/visitors/friends/families/ex-colleagues/ex-schoolmates make life worth fighting for! I have a few ideas on how I can contribute back so stay tuned and I'll share what I've got in mind with you once I've recuperated well.

That is all the updates I have for today. I'm optimistic about the challenges that I am to face in the coming months. God willing, I will make it.

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