Friday, June 01, 2007

Transform and roll out!

'Transformers', the live CGI action film, will grace screens this late June in Malaysia. Oh, what a joy it will be to be one of those born in the late 1970s, catching a glimpse of what we'd imagined heroes would be when we were younger. Gone were the toys that I've used to collect but memories of Optimus Prime and Megatron in their never-ending quest for 'energon cubes' will never really fade away.

Most of us remember the 1986 animated movie when the then Optimus Prime fell from grace after an epic battle against old foe, Megatron. At the time, I was in a state of shock, like most teenagers then, because we've always had the impression that heroes never die. Other childhood heroes followed suit; first the death of Superman and the fall of Batman in the hands of Bane, both in 1993.

Film director Michael Bay, along with executive producer Steven Spielberg, will make way for brand new 'larger-than-life' replications of our heroes, Autobots and villains, Decepticons. As observed through the Transformers blog, these designs will disappoint certain circles of the original series' fanbase but nonetheless I'm thrilled that it is all becoming a realisation after years after careful thought put into production. Other names recognisable from the cast list include: Brawl, Bumblebee, Frenzy, Ironhide, Jazz, Starscream and Scorponok.

Initially, after watching the first teaser and trailer, many have thought that the sound fx that accompanied the original cartoon series would be replaced by sonic booms but in trailer 2, all that doubt was put into rest.

So fanboys, for nostalgic reasons, go ahead and download some tracks taken off the animated movie. It'll do you a world of good to kick-off this summer's best non-sequel related action film with timeless tracks like these. These four tracks are available for a limited time only.

+ Vince DiCola - Death of Optimus Prime
+ Vince DiCola - Autobot Decepticon Battle
+ Vince DiCola and Kenny Meriedeth - Transformers Suite 2006
+ Stan Bush - Dare
+ Stan Bush - The Touch

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