Monday, June 04, 2007

The one about the guy who loves to fail.

I'm beginning to think and believe that there are actually people out there; sane people, who do not wish to be helped. This rings true even in economically desperate times, when new college & university graduates are being churned out every year, this one egoistic former friend of mine decides to slack it off (since 2004). He has rather demurring social skills (virtually none). For the past 4 to 5 years, he has drifted in and out of jobs. For that, he blames the Devil and his damned luck. For years, his single mother has raised him with such impeccable patience and dedication only to be smacked in the head by her own beloved son. For that, he blames injustice.

Just this last week, I dared myself to go around asking for vacant posts for store-keeping jobs around the industrial vicinity as it would probably be the better idea when his joblessness is micromanaged. On paper, he is the reluctant hero - supposedly an IT specialist, who unfortunately has not been plying his trade for many years. Add that to his constant temperament, I decided that a low-key and less stressful job was best advised for his character traits. His resume was requested but he failed to live up even to that task. After being utterly disappointed by his negligence, I posted a short e-mail to ask him if he was still interested, without an air of shoddy remarks. His response, sarcastic to the bone, forced my normally calm and composed poise to maddened anger and disbelief at his gratitude, or lack thereof.

So that being said, I've decided to end the help offered and let him devise his own Plan B in his life. I'm sickened by the fact that there is nothing left to do except to pray that someone with more authority may shake him out of this melancholy; which was his own making to start off with.

There are times when I really do not feel a single bit of sympathy for such souls. I question whether he has a liking for failure. Nobody expects heroes because that's why heroes are often special, they come forth out of their own personal struggles and make the day his own. But everyone expects you to first prove your mettle - to fight on out of love and passion. This old friend of mine knows no such value in his life nor does he even begin to comprehend how disastrous things will get when he hits 28 in July this year.

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