Saturday, June 16, 2007

To what's been a hectic work week.

Music: Valentino Kanzyani's set (I Love Techno, 21 Oct, 2006)

Kanzyani is probably the hottest stuff to hit the techno-genre radar since Adam Beyer a few years back. Slovenia should be proud having talent in their ranks.

I've been through a hectic work week; spending late nights calling up my American and Canadian counterparts on a few business issues. I think the most hours of sleep I've gotten for the past 3 nights accumulates to only 6 hours (hey I was dealing with Vancouver and Los Angeles for cryin' out loud!). Certainly didn't mind the lack of sleep because I'm passionate about getting the numbers in and solving my client's problems. After three slow months, I'm beginning to see business developing so that's a good start. Called in sick today as I've caught the cold flu. Figured that it'd be of my best interests to take some time out from answering over 50 problematic emails in 3 days, not to mention my outdoor activities!

Further to note, I was happy to see an Indian friend of mine return from Finland and he's promised to share with the readers some great snapshots of a VERY wealthy country. Think 'Marlboro Country' - minus the cigarette smoking in bars and restaurants.

I owe myself a long overdue cardio session and some brand new music to share with you readers out there. Check the navigation bar on your right, as usual. Thanks for dropping by and have a blessed weekend y'all!

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