Friday, May 11, 2007

GSC's 7th French Film Festival.

The time has come for this year's array of fine French cinematic art to make their debut in our local shores. Golden Screen Cinema's 7th French Film Festival will be making a one-week long appearance in Penang's GSC Gurney Plaza from the 7th - 13th of June 2007.

GSC's 'French Film Festival 2007'. Hey we're not getting the latest stuff but who cares...

The French Film Festival makes it's seventh appearance with 8 films consisting of several critically acclaimed favourites like 'Fauteuils d'orchestre', 'Je vais bien, ne t'en fais pas', 'La Môme' (dubbed 'La Vie En Rose' for its American release) and 'Je vous trouve très beau'. Other films are from the fantasy/comedy genre: 'La Science des Rêves', 'Hors de prix', 'Mon Meilleur Ami' and 'Mon petit doigt m’a dit'.

This event will cultivate a genuine interest in French cinema and will further educate new film buffs, regardless of their age that CGI-filled blockbuster hits aren't the only triumphant forms of the silver screen.

I will personally be interested in catching the brilliant Michel Gondry's work, 'Science of Sleep' ('La Science des Rêves'). Canned by most critics but the comments shan't move my decision the slightest bit! Corset-loving women should be interested in the enchanting biopic of true musical legend Edith Piaf, 'La Vie En Rose', played by the gorgeous Marion Cotillard.

Viva le France!

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