Sunday, December 31, 2006

Momo Penang: 'Be'.

Tagging off a Calvin Klein ad?

Penang clubbers be on the alert! Next Thursday, 4th of January 2007 will see Momo Penang hold their house-warming party at their club premises. For those of you dance-crazy people with a fondness for funky casual clothes, suit up for the best ever kick-start event of the year promising groovy, funky and intoxicating (you sure it ain't the beer?) vibes of house music.

Entry is free for the crowds before 2200 hrs. After that period, there is a cover charge to be imposed (MYR 25.00 for the ladies and MYR 35.00 for the men; inclusive of 1 drink).

This clubbing event is sponsored by Bacardi Rum.

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