Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The one about being a year older.

Music: Pete Yorn - Ice Age

I think by now you would have noticed that I have a soft spot for Pete Yorn's work. I'm glad; borderline orgasmic that he's released a brand new album out. Turns out to be a grower, just as I've expected from him.

Turning a year older; being in my late 20s, there certainly wasn't any sort of expectations being laid out for a grand celebration. So I decided to do things a little low-key. This year alone, I think I must've gone through the biggest shock and the most gargantuan challenge in my whole life. Some quietness for my birthday celebration would certainly be a welcome novelty indeed.

My girlfriend gave me the most wonderful birthday surprise. She dropped by at exactly midnight and presented me with a champagne, cake and a brand new touch-sensitive lamp for my room. You know why it's wonderfully profound today is for me though? We're entering our 3rd year anniversary and since we've both been through so much together in 2006, it's worth shouting out about!

"Happy birthday to me and thanks for being forever around Momo!"

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