Monday, October 23, 2006

'Hotel Scandalos' @ The Loft, Zouk KL.

Bryan of Excessive Records wrote in to announce that a new underground DJ event, 'Hotel Scandalos' will be spinning every Wednesday at The Loft, Zouk KL starting from the 25th of October 2006.

This weekly intimate event will feature DJ collaborations with Bryan himself on deck-duty, alongside DJ Ray Soo, DJ Point and DJ Sister Yang.

Bryan himself is no stranger to the local club music scene, having pioneered arguably one of the best independent record label & snobbish music enthusiasts' store in Kuala Lumpur. Ray Soo's forte is in the electro/tech-house genre, so the dumbass Melbourne shufflin' kids should find themselves right at home when he's leading the pack. DJ Point (trip hop, hip hop) and DJ Sister Yang (electroclash, breakbeats) are respectively the finalist and runner up for the 2006 Juice DJ Quest.

Admission to the club is free for 'Hotel Scandalos'.

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