Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Therapy's over!

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Hurrah! My radiotherapy fragments have been completed! What a hugeeee sigh of relief after weeks of enduring the side-effects of it all. On top of that, time management was so critical as I had reported back to work approximately three weeks ago. I'm definitely proud of myself for completing the therapy sessions and I will look back into this experience and be thankful for the help and support the people over in Pantai Hospital have given me.

Anyway, upon completing the sessions, the kind people from my hospital returned the MRI and CT scans to me along with a letter to be directed to the Oncology Department in General Hospital Penang. Appointment will be set for any date after the 8th of August as I will be away for awhile.

Click here for the hi-res version.

My 'graduation letter' penned by my doctor suggests that the next follow-up treatment would be to first and foremost get a brand new brain scan followed by a chemotherapy program subject to findings. That having said, it is needless to remind me that yes, the hurdle is over but the journey is far from complete. There's still the dreaded chemotherapy to ponder about and this is what I am quite worried about.

If all options after this lie on undergoing chemotherapy and my upcoming MRI result shows aggressive activity in the treated area, then I'd probably listen to the doctor's advice. Otherwise, I would risk delaying this procedure for the time being. All possibilities need to be assessed beforehand of course. I'm not really keen on any ongoing treatments for now. Health-wise, I would really need to balance up and permanently avoid any fried food. Gym sessions start again next week so I'm really looking forward to that. As of July 25, 2006, I've gained 10 kilograms from my original weight prior to being diagnosed with brain cancer. Hey, that sounds like a 3-month cardio program there!

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