Friday, June 16, 2006

Therapy: The journey so far.

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Into the eleventh 'fragment' of my radiotherapy and oh how time flies when you least take notice of it! Radiotherapy will be arranged for the 8:00 pm slot starting from the 19th of June. That being said, next week is a new beginning of sorts for me. I will be returning to work and no matter what the doctors say upon my completion of radiotherapy, I still have a lot to fight for.

I think my parents played a pivotal role in keeping close tabs on my diet no matter how often I jeapordise their health regimes. I am currently taking my herbal and vitamin supplements on a regular basis, drinking plenty of water, fruit and wheatgrass juice as prescribed by my Mum. I just can't be bothered at times to mix and blend my daily glasses of fruit juice so thanks a lot Mum.

Being diagnosed with a brain tumour leaves you with not many options. For starters, you are sensibly advised to avoid stressful work. Oh my, oh my...well that's rather coincidental - my hidden job description spells 'STRESS' all over! If my social security claims for disability(?) request is approved, I was thinking of doing freelance work for people who would like to hire me for stints that do not require any meticulous planning or require high levels of concentration. Knowing how time-consuming the wait will be (at least 1-2 months processing time), I figured it was a good idea to start work again to keep up with the pace.

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