Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dollars & cents: The SOCSO form.

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As many would have suspected, the cost of my surgery would not be measly. You know how private hospitals are.

There will be a non-negotiable deposit within the region of MYR 20,000 and that itself can prove to be a large ask. Call it my mistake - my own personal health insurance policy lapsed 2 years ago and I had no intention of renewing it back then (told you I'm 'smart'). My family and I are still working plans to meet the financial target for the operation. We're about 30-40% off the mark but it's still manageable.

Should the law dictate that I am incapacitated to work temporarily/permanently post-op, there are some legal papers to be signed, namely the SOCSO claim forms (a governmental social security organization). The copy I have in my hand consists of a cover letter and a declaration form of earnings and contributions (penyata gaji dan caruman) to SOCSO. The latter will be filled in by the Human Resource Department people from my former employers. I am to obtain the relevant data from 3 former companies that I've previously worked for. It will take a few days for the respective Human Resource Department people to process it I reckon.

The basic requirements to be eligible for this is that you need to be employed for the past 24 months and that you have been actively contributing to this particular account. I'm not sweating my palms about this as most Malaysians automatically get their salary deducted for this scheme every month.

And, so I wait.

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