Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Crash and resurrect.

Something funny happened last night. Any sane-minded person wouldn't label me as a 'tech-savvy' kinda guy but I had the nerve to disassemble my desktop just because my DVD tray wasn't working. My LG DVD GSA-4167B player was working just fine until a week ago so I had to do something about it. I get worried that I may not even know how to operate the computer if my condition worsens later on so I figured I had to do something about it right now rather than later. So your humble blogger decides to experiment a little with 'reverse engineering' and ends up with all drives (floppy, DVD and HDD) being undetectable. Smart. Real smart.

Before: cluttered wiring inside the desktop, single DVD-RAM tray.

Moving on to plan B, I called up the best person for the job within my neighbourhood, Thean Soon. Even with his graveyard shift this whole week, I was both relieved and grateful that he offered to take a look at it tonight. We sat over at Pelita Samudera Nasi Kandar Jalan Tengah and I told him about how tough things have been in the past few weeks and that it's been really sad to have missed all those gatherings together with the guys.

Thanks to Thean Soon's expertise, a lot of recycling of old PC peripherals (added the old cd-rw drive and old SCSI HDD) and spending 5 hours right in front of the computer all night long, it's all fixed now! I'm running on a clean OS and lovin' it! I may not be smart but I'm tenacious enough, no?

After: DVD-RAM tray and CD-RW drive is patched up. Seems to work okay now.

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