Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sick leave.

Blogging from my mailbox. My workplaces restricts access to Blogger ® for some reason, which is a surprise.
I'm sorry for the sudden disappearance. I haven't been blogging actively of late because of work constraints. I've started working again since last Monday - getting used to the pace at work along with some pending issues since I was away for 2 months.
Health-wise, I think I'm managing alright. If for some reason, I go missing again for the next few days, it would be because I'm taking another ad-hoc trip to KL, to attend Lil Tim's unique DJing set at Espanda, KL. He has been gracious enough to obtain 2 guest list passes for 'Bassmental' - I'm crossing my fingers in hopes of a proper tech-house set on Saturday night.
So, what's been on your playlist lately? Drop an email to me and do share the vibe.

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