Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day dinner.

Music: Jeff Buckley - Vancouver (click to download)

My Dad and I don't exactly share a good father and son relationship. We seldom talk to each other unless there's an absolute need to do so. We hardly see eye to eye on things even though I am still living under his roof. I sometimes joke about it that it's "not a lack of respect, it's individualism". Being Asian, it's a rarity for the males to move out of the house until the day they get married so I'm basically stuck here till I find the means to get hitched for real. Despite our indifferences, I long for the days when he'd take me out to the beach during the weekends and catch mussels for Sunday dinner. The joy of working together with my Dad; in unison is certainly a revered feeling that's gone missing in my childhood years. We don't plan for these excursions anymore - time is of importance to both of us. He's got his business to attend to and I've got my condition to manage.

Denying my Dad a little celebration of what he is today wouldn't be right. Dinner was the least someone who has a father, could do. A rare 'family-all-in' outing ensued and we enjoyed the luxury of FINALLY having dinner with every single member of the family on the dinner table at the same time.

Even if we're busy with our personal set of problems, it's fitting to let my Dad to know today that I'm blessed to have him around in my life 365 days in a year.

Thanks Dad.

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