Saturday, April 22, 2006

Preliminary check-up.

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As requested by my surgeon yesterday, I had to undergo the customary preliminary health screening and blood test over in the private hospital today.

My doctor has comforted and given me the thumbs up for the operation this coming Thursday. The results from the blood test should only be out on Monday but regardless of what the outcome may be, the ultrasound scan on both my swollen legs and feet seem to be okay, so says the ultrasound specialist.

Hey at least I'm not suffering from gout which is unlikely as I've been keeping myself moderately fit prior to my diagnosis. After finalising all the details, I was discharged with a brand spankin' new medical leave which will be valid till the day of my surgery a.k.a. 'D-DAY'.

It was almost 1 hour past lunch time then. Took my catabolic steroids while in the hospital. Then I got REALLY hungry.

After raiding Fatty Loh's for a real sumptuous lunch (we ordered steamed beansprouts, tender and juicy chicken legs, boiled and roasted chicken marinated with soy sauce), the gluttony didn't stop there. My mother, brother and I decided to enjoy a double scoop over at Haagen-Dazs, Belisa Row right after.

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