Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The one about getting well soon.

Blogger was down yesterday since 1600 hours so this is a delayed post.

The kind folks from my office (Global Account Customer Services) came over for another visit today. They gave me this lovely card for my speedy recovery and return to the office. They're right...I can't wait to hog my fat lard of an ass back to the office again...been away for far too long!

Click for an enlarged version.

On a sidenote, I've managed to seek peace and forgiveness from someone fond to me which I've neglected to initiate for years. Finally, I've buried the hatchet and I can finally start my newfound life on a clean slate. Right now, I feel content, composed and at least I know everything's going to be a-okay here if I leave this world.

Additional note, I think my handwriting's starting to be affected. I seem to be typing okay but to manually write something out, I'm finding it rather difficult to control the positioning of my pen now. Creepy stuff!

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