Sunday, April 23, 2006

Food for thought.

Music: Chris Tomlin - Indescribable (click to download)

Today's been a wonderful day. Scattered rainshowers all over Penang in the morning so the weather wasn't so bad by noon time. I've been taking things easy, listening to a lot of music, absorbing all that I can, just in case.

Thinking over what has happened since my water baptism, God's greatest gift to me is indeed the salvation through Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit. It's just beyond poetry and prose how peaceful one feels when one is immersed with the power of the Holy Spirit within you. Trust me, I've been one of the biggest cynics ever when it comes to this coming from me should actually mean something. I've been praying hard and everytime I am consumed by the joy of praising the Lord, the spiritual upliftment is just beyond comprehension.

Now I truly understand why He's all conquering. Thank you Father for being in my life and your promise of never forsaking me in my darkest time, oh Lord. Help me grow in you, Heavenly Father. Without you, I am surely lost in this catastrophic world of ours. Amen.

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