Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Survived D-Day minus 29.

The drugs that I took last night weren't so bad except the fact that I really felt dehydrated and I was having problems sleeping all night long. It may be a normal reaction to the anti-flammatory agents in the catabolic steroids. The headaches started coming in again at approximately 0500 hours so I woke up not too long after and got my Codeine/Paracetamol fix. Just sat around the house having a slice of bread for breakfast before taking more steroids.

Whatever it is, I felt slightly better compared to two nights before and at least the headaches disappear temporarily for a few hours upon medication. To be honest, I've never made it a habit to wake up this early in the morning so I do feel a little disorientated. I hope the headaches will subside so that I can finally get a good rest.

As for my right eye, I can't really say for sure what's my prognosis for the double-vision - it still hasn't improved. I'll leave it to the eye specialists to take care of that.

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