Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Drugs are bad...mmkay?

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Mr. Mackey says it like it is.

The prospect and outlook is scary.

30 days to go. I've delayed the whole surgery process in hopes of a miracle healing from God. All these divine interventions may have a reason after all.

The visit to the General Hospital today offered a chance of a miracle. This is of course a rather slim one. Call it an outside chance but I'm still content with that. I was somewhat relieved to see fellow ex-Frees, Regunathan and Thien Thien in the neurosurgery department. Regunathan (now a Doctor, mind you) consulted me on several things which further illustrates my condition and advised on several viral medications which may help ease the pain pre-operation. We continued the discussion with the head of the department, Dr. Ravindran who is coincidentally an ex-Free himself.

The main problem with my meningioma is that it's located just behind my eyes; large particles of the sphenoid meningioma is located on the base of my temporal lobe. The objective would be to remove all 'foreign' mass matter so as to avoid any chance of reoccurence. The difficulty of this, results in a more, in the words of my doctor, "challenging surgerical removal of your tumor". In layman's terms, they would have to do a craniotomy and then shift my brain matter slightly to the back to reach the benign tumor. This may cause some tissue to be damaged (i.e: I may lose some motor functions along the way if my brain swells beyond their control and what not). Certainly a bleak sign of things to come. I will take ample rest and try to meet up with my friends this weekend for some fruit juice.

I've got an appointment with the eye doctors next week and the neurosurgeons again in 30 days to reassess the situation after taking the drugs prescribed by them. I would, of course, need to make the ultimate, sane, mature, decision by then. *gasps* I've been given LOTS of catabolic steroids and a large box of stomach acid inhibitors. Dosage? For the steroids, 8 pills, 3 times a day after meals. My acid inhibitors' dosage would only be twice a day, after meals.

I'll be back in the office on the 7th of April. I can't resign right now after all my company's been through for me. I'm hugely in debt to my manager, Miss Chong for being supportive and my colleagues for 'riding out the storm' whilst I am away. On a sidenote, thank you dear Angela, Leorna, Catherine, Zeen, Brad and Jeslyn for contacting me today. It was an extreme pleasure to hear from you guys again. Your prayers for me will not go unappreciated!

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