Thursday, February 02, 2006

For Michelle.

Something to share, this one's for you Michelle...

Your friend is the answer to your needs. She is the field, which you sow with charity and reap with gratitude. She is your table and your hearth. You come to her in hunger and in search of harmony. If your friend talks honestly to you, you will not be afraid of "No" and in your thoughts you will not keep back the "Yes". If she keeps mum, your heart will not stop listening to this one. In friendship all thoughts, all wishes, all expectations will be born and shared with joy, which does not need any recognition. If you are leaving your friend, you will not grieve, because the things you love most of her will appear more clearly like the mountain appears more clearly to the mountaineer out of the plain. And the friendship should not have another purpose than only to immerse our imprisoned minds into a pool of freedom.

Love which searches for something else than a revelation of her own mystery is no love but a cast net that just the useless will have caught. Leave always your best for your friend! If she has to know the times of your tide, she also should know your high tide. What is the meaning of being a friend, if you just visit her to tense your time?! Look for her to make an event out of every hour. She exists to satisfy your desires, but not to fill your rude emptiness. In the sweetness of friendship let be laughter and shared joy. In the dew of little precious things the heart will find its dawn and will be invigorated.

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