Saturday, January 21, 2006

Short trip to KL.

With congested traffic and massive long queues to get ahold of this Chinese New Year's goodies ranging from threads to silverware to jewelry, Michelle and I were fortunate to have survived the 'Mega Shopping Carnival' in the city of Kuala Lumpur on the 14th of January. It was a last minute decision to take the highway down south and have our last minute shopping spree and take our mind's off work (like THAT was ever possible in a busy city like KL!).

We went to Zouk KL on Saturday night itself but something was amiss. It didn't feel like it used to be but then again we haven't got enough funds to party like it's 1999, to be honest. Our 'last-minute' arrangement in Malaysia Hotel was surreal. It was one of those city-type motels where the carpets have been worn out and the water level was beyond comprehension. The damage? MYR 150.00 for the night's accommodation and we've only reached KL at 12:10 am after some twists and turns around the city streets (yeah, I'm that clueless when it comes to driving in strange places).

Both Michelle and I knew that we didn't that enough time to slack around but we made the most of our time anyway. Sandwiched between 1300 hours - 1800 hours, we spent Day 2 lounging around at Starbucks and run around the city looking for the ever-elusive Lacoste bargain bin. Heh!

Here we go again with another pretty massive pixel post to share with y'all.

Hey! It's me in this really sleazy hotel! Wicked mate...wicked indeedy!

Michelle, ready to rawk the bargain bins!

I dunno about you but I think Fernando Alonso is checkin' you out, Momo!

That mohawk-esque hairdo is so 2002, Brendan.

Chicken soup @ Kenny's.

Oriental roast @ Kenny's. It was too damn sweet!

Momo looking cute as ever...yeah it was my idea for this shot.

...and then Michelle gets her revenge on me. Heh!

Starhill, preparing for CNY from the looks of the in-house deco.

*drool* I just don't know what to say to this...couldn't afford a single piece of clothing from this store!

I believe this was taken in KL Plaza. I am only 30% certain of this. I really am.

If this was a postcard, I swear I could've fooled folks that this was taken on top of some Buddhist monastery in Shenzhen.

Best t-shirt I've seen during this trip, period.

Michelle @ Starbucks, obviously delighted that she's got her mango frappa (not pictured).

So happy, she grins. ;)

OMG...KL really WAS that empty last weekend!

"Not from where I'm sitting, babe." utters Michelle.

Riding the monorail for the first time, this is me looking outright "b l u r". Actually I was paying attention to the train coordinator/driver and looking at the station map.

So there's a redundant amount of seats but this bitch decides to show off her ass to the world. Well, your request is my command! You're now blogged, biatch!

KL indie kids *cough* performing traditional music along Bintang Walk. Er...reminds me of an Aboriginal musical showcase when I was in Australia.

Busy, busy, busy...that's the life in the city.

A final parting shot for y'all. Petronas Towers in the backdrop.

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