Saturday, December 31, 2005


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Oh yeah baby yeah!!!

Oh. my. god. Super neat!!! Dad got me Technasia's 'Recreations' as a belated Christmas present!!!! I've been searching high and low (online, offline, torrent) for this for the past 2 years and I have it in my hands now! That's a huge relief and this album will definitely be playing in my car for the next few weeks!

This remix disc contains mixes from reknowned DJs like John Tejada and Renato Cohen. It's basically an extension of their wicked mix LP, 'Future Mix' which was released way back in 2001. 'Recreations' contains almost all the songs featured in 'Future Mix' plus a music video of 'Force'.

The album that started the craze.

Technasia - Recreations. Japanese import! Kick ass! You know I'd probably rip some of the tracks and post it online someday...but an elitist wouldn't do that, would he? ;) Haha!

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