Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Lunchtime review of Madonna's 'COADF'.

Music: Madonna - Sorry (click to download)

A quickie lunchtime review of what Madonna's 'Confessions on a Dance Floor'.

So there have been a lot of critics panning this album for sounding too much like a Kylie Minogue album. But I've always given respect to the queen of pop, albeit for her feats of staying relevant all these years alone. I had the luxury of listening to the new album a week before its official release date and I was buoyed by the remarkable change of musical direction this time around (not like that was ever a surprise when it comes to Madonna!).

Sometimes I'd like to think I can recognise a 'sick' album when I hear one. Madonna's new album has certainly lived up to the hype at first listen. Not surprisingly though, a handful of tracks taken off her 'Confessions...' album includes samples from Jacques Lu Cont's own productions and a loop sample from Felix Da Housecat/Mizz Kitten in 'Sorry'. Maybe the saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" works miracles here.

This is one of Madonna's most energetic outings yet; standout tracks include upcoming single 'Sorry', 'I Love New York' (Goldfrapp eat your heart out!), 'Get Together' and 'How High'. The album in it's entirety is a dance epic by itself. That means that there are no stop gaps; a flowing orchestra of fat electro beats and the occasional string section, probably for the purpose of dramatics.

The final third of the album is a disappointment though. The formulatic approach in several Madonna albums; slow or mid-tempo tracks for example, feel awkward in an album that's certainly worth a mention as this year's noteworthy mainstream dance albums.

Fellow old-timer Kylie should be on the watch. Madonna's championing the hearts of many again. Either with her music or fine set of hooters. Hehe!

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