Saturday, October 01, 2005

The so-called British pub, SoHo.

Music: Depeche Mode - John The Revelator (click to download)
Watching: Anne Hathaway nude. (thanks Justin!)

So while you jack off to these...
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...we're all heading off to SoHo tonight, the so-called one and only British pub in Penang which ironically does not play any British music. I overheard from a friend that the pub was featured in The Star (North section) yesterday. I can only wonder how insightful the featurette was about.

Or we could end up in 'Chic!'. Not that we'd like to for personal reasons.

Damn. I wish Brad was around tonight.

You know what? I think every music enthusiast should go out to a club/pub during the weekend and just have a laugh. Of what? Of the sad taste of music some DJs/crowds have, you retard!

Here are some shaky pictures taken that night. No, I wasn't trying to be 'artsy'.
This looks like...CATHERINE!
'Duddits'...staring at Zeen's cock subconsciously. Hehehe!
Brian's attempt in the 'Melbourne Shuffle', sorta.
"Hmm, my eyesight's getting kinda blurry no thanks to Zeen!"
"Oh really Duddits? I'm skeptical sure you're as straight as you claim you are?!"
Customary Momo piccie. ;)
Zeen lookin' sexy! This was only achieved with 5 pints of stout though!
"Fuck that, I'll have some Guinness myself!"
This was probably a snapshot of Zeen flirting with some caucasian bloke.
Emo boy, not!

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