Friday, October 21, 2005


Although I've been feeling dispirited this past month (see backstabbing entry below), I've been blessed with a group of friends who know the apparent truth about the whole ordeal. We spent the whole night talking about certain events that have happened in the past 4 months or so and took heart that almost everyone survived emotionally unscathed.

I'm absolutely delighted to have denounced my allegiance to this person from my family. Looking forward to a new lease of life seems to bring such joy into my heart and I know that I have good friends who are almost always dependable when I need great listeners and opinionators.

I seem to recall someone looking for a "closure" for all this? A big FUCK YOU to whoever suggested that. The day I apologise or end this feud would basically be the day that I admit to whatever's been slandering against me. Why would I want to be known as the sucker? Someone who has cleverly misinterpreted things and shrouded the truth with some puny lies and amicable charm can never go far in life. I also remember having the person on the other end slam down the phone not wanting to hear the cold hard truth and my reprimanding!


Anyway, on the lighter side of things, here are some snapshots taken at SoHo about a week ago.

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