Friday, September 09, 2005

Poor stray dog!

After almost a week of recuperating at home, I've finally returned to the office. I am still walking with clutches supporting the weight of the right side of my body and still aching so badly on the knees. We've returned to the crime scene, where I got hit by a speeding motorcycle whilst crossing, 'Cargas Cafe' in Bayan Lepas to have a quick lunch together.
Cargas Cafe.
Momo sippin' on iced chocolate...her current favourite drink...don't ask why!
Oh heya cameraman!
I think she hates the camera...hopefully not the cameraman!

Took these two pictures of a stray dog while I was out having lunch with Momo. Poor dog was on a vegetative diet; probably lost its appetite due to the hundreds of fleas stuck on BOTH sides of its ears. I couldn't get a decent shot of the big fat blood-suckers inside his ear but these two pictures are gross enough.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view (Caution: May not be eye-pleasing!)

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I plan to call up the SPCA tomorrow. I really wished that there was more I could do for this dog other than to end her life.

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