Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sunday scribbles.

Music: The Arcade Fire - Born On A Train (click to download)

- Hot damn! Nothing beats having The Arcade Fire open for you, especially when it's a massive concert like one staged by a certain Irish band called U2. Indie meets the heavyweights of rock. Congratulations to the whoever's heading for that gig.

- Thom Yorke of Radiohead blogs! Whatever that is he's blabberin' about.

- I can't remember the last name Liz Phair did something significant. Here she is, on a new low. (thanks to Arjanwrites)

- Russian former-lesbo devotchkas, T.a.T.u., are on the brink of releasing/or might have already (who the fuck cares?!) release their follow-up album to 'All The Things She Said'. Take a peek at the brand spankin' new video here. Not that anyone cares but hey! (link courtesy of Thighs Wide Shut)

On a sidenote, Bono pens a song for Wim Wenders' latest road movie, 'Don't Come Knocking'.

Go see the sorta NSFW trailer here.

- One of the Westlife boys' gay. Not that anyone would care really.

- I didn't know that Formula 1 racecars' steering wheels costs a whopping $25,000?!

- Punk mama is dead. RIP Esther Wong.

- On to more rock & roll related stuff, Tilda Swinton (last featured in the *gasp* horror flick 'Constantine') is set to play Nico in the movie biopic of her and probably her involvement with seminal and influential band, The Velvet Underground. Three cheers for Miss Swinton, I've always known that she can act.

- Oscar-nominated director, Martin Scorcese will release a documentary about Bob Dylan called 'No Direction Home: Bob Dylan' on the 20th of September 2005. It's about time Scorcese came up with something just as good as his last venture with the blues. I think he should have stopped making films altogether and became a master of tracing roots of music genres and biopics. He seems to be well-connected and rather affluent in searching historic archives.

- You know once in awhile I throw you somelinks that are either hilarious/pervasive/downright lame? Well, not this time. An anonymous sender commented on my other blog that all you 'Scarlett pervs' should visit this site and in particular this paperdoll!

Think of it as some stuff you'd might want to venture in whenever you have too much work to handle in the office. Wowzers! Got more time in your hands?

- KILL NIKE! Damn their 'innovations' and their marketing ploy! Hmm, didn't know Titus James', our Malaysian football prodigy, had a blog.

- Lacoste has updated their Autumn/Winter collection for 2005. Damn these shoes look good!

That's all for today. I'm heading out to pass Brian a copy of Sufjan Stevens' 'Illinois'!

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