Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sunday scribbles.

Music: Rotating between some Laurent Garnier songs, the new Ladytron album and the new Sigur Ros, 'Takk', which should be singled out as musical masterpiece of the year...

The haunting cover of Sigur Ros' 'Takk'.

- Before I start off, just wanted let you kind folks know that I've uploaded Sigur Ros' 'Glosoli' ('Glowing Sun'). Click on the hyperlink to download and boy, do I feel like a motherfucker for releasing this track for download a day before it goes on digital sale on their official website!)

Here's how the Gisoli cover will look like:

- Google Print kicks ass. I have just managed to read a 3-page excerpt of the book which has been adapted into a film directed by former-indie darling Liev Schreiber, 'Everything Is Illuminated'. Elijah Wood heads the cast for this film.

The backdrop song for its achingly beautiful trailer, DeVotchka's 'How It Ends' can be downloaded here, here or here. Fancy them? Well, last time I checked, they do have a Myspace page.

- German electro-poppers, Lali Puna are featured in the CMJ Radio 200 charts. I've been loving them ever since I listened to 'Grin And Bear' from 'Faking The Books' (click on hyperlink to download). Led by a singer whose name I've a problem pronouncing without cracking a smile (Valerie Trebeljahr), Lali Puna is one of those side projects that overshadow their solo output. With the sudden demise of Stereolab, kitsch-electropop has only a handful of saviours now.

Go on. Indulge. Feel free to check out the 'To Rococo Rot rmx' of 'Grin And Bear' from their latest release, 'I Thought I Was Over That' on mp3 here. (buy from InSound)

+ Updates (21/11/05) Med-res video of 'Glosoli' here.

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