Saturday, August 20, 2005


I've never posted any pictures of my toy I thought of giving it a go tonight.
Nobita wasn't really excited, as he is in most things. Too arrogant for his own good really. I couldn't get him to stay still in one place so I just snapped whatever I could around the apartment. - nobita special!
"My owner's being trigger-happy again...*sigh*" - nobita special!
"This is boring! When can I watch Animal Planet on TV?!" - nobita special!
"Damn it! My owner's playing WWE again...what's with him and violence, man?" - nobita special!
"If. Only. I. Had. Usable. Fingers!" - nobita special!
"What j00 lookin' at, fool?" - nobita special!

As always, thanks a lot for letting me take some pictures of you Nobita...

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